Welcome back, Riley Warner to the Aeros

Yes, Aeros fans, you read right! Riley Warner has returned to the Edson Aeros. 

You might recall that Riley was traded along with Colt Comstock to the Cold Lake team last year. Warner and Comstock needed playing time in order to further develop and we wanted them to have that opportunity. With the Wings no longer being part of the WSHL, we were able to re-acquire his rights through the new Cold Lake Hornets (special shout out to Steve Thomson, GM and HC of the Hornets for being so accommodating). 

Warner had expressed an interest in returning to the Aeros. He is a favourite in the locker room and has an amazing work ethic. "I'm willing to fight tooth and nail to get my ice time!", said Riley. And that's exactly the attitude we want to hear. 

(From myself, Axel)Trading Warner and Comstock were one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. Those two young men are absolute gems as individuals. The concern was that they weren't getting enough ice time and I knew that in Cold Lake they were going to get that opportunity. Although the Cold Lake team struggled last year, Warner and Comstock gave their all and we could see them improving. We're grateful to have Riley come back to us again and we wish Colt all the best in his next adventure. 

Welcome back to the Aeros, Riley! We're so happy to have you back!