Perseverance through adversity! Welcome back, Noah!

At the beginning of March, we released a story on our Facebook page telling the story of a young man that went through a difficult time after we had released him. Well, we are proud to announce that Noah Mayer has signed his player agreement to return to the Edson Aeros for the 2020/2021 season.

Here's the story...

"March 1, 2020

Good morning, Aeros fans!
This morning I received a text message from a former player that we released last season.

One of the hardest things that I have had to learn to do is to tell a player that he has been released or traded. It's not a easy thing to do and it affects me very personally.

This particular story goes beyond this and tells a story of how one player has overcome adversity and how he feels about the Aeros and the Town of Edson. To add to this, at the time, we just felt that he wasn't quite ready to play at this level.
Following his release, the player returned home to a less than happy family life.

Here are some excerpts from his text message:

"After working extremely hard to gain 20 lbs from last season, I lost 30lbs due to becoming homeless and my anxiety made me not want to eat which did not help whatsoever, besides not having to worry about trying to find a meal as much but I don't want this to be a sob story, I want to come back (Aeros) and I want to stay. I've worked extremely hard this past year to become a better hockey player, human and man and I believe I have done each of those things. Never in my life have I ever felt welcomed somewhere but that all changed when I came to Edson. I immediately fell in love with my billet family, who I still keep in contact with, I fell in love with the community and atmosphere and of course the hockey.

I would love to come back to Edson and to make it my home for the rest of my junior career. I would do anything for that team and town, whether its block a shot with my face or not seeing playing time for two months. I want to be there and would be honoured to be a part of the Edson Aeros organization once again. ......I have since made amends with my father and have started to eat healthy again, please keep in mind that I was only operating at 70% and still putting in extra effort to keep my grades under control, to gain strength through the weight room and to get better at hockey. It is my goal to become the best 2-way I resemble my game greatly after Patrice Bergeron"

How can one say no to this kind of adversity, commitment and desire. We look forward to seeing this young man again come next season.

To the athlete, we wish you well on your journey! Please keep us apprised of story. Best wishes and continued success! We'll see you in the late summer."

Welcome back, Noah! We'll see you real soon.