Public Statement

March 26, 2021

Regarding some of the media coverage and local conversations about the Edson Aeros, and as President of the team, I want to underscore how very important is it that our team leaders, and valued community partners, act with integrity and professionalism.  Our players always need to feel safe and respected.  I know there have been some troubling accusations raised with respect to Mr. Lynch’s professional behavior when he was with the team.  Although it would be inappropriate to speak to the details publicly, I can confirm that issues raised about Mr. Lynch to the WSHL were addressed immediately and directly by the Aeros organization, including involvement by Commissioner White.  It is also important to realize that Mr. Lynch also acknowledged the need for improvement, verbally and in writing, and we made our expectations clear to Mr. Lynch that such occurrences wouldn’t happen again.  At the time, improvement in Mr. Lynch’s conduct was noted, including by game officials.   

The Aeros could only take action on what we knew to be true, and to that end we spoke with many people involved and immediately committed to provide full cooperation and assistance with further investigation of the concerns by the league, Safe Sport and the AAU/UHU.  There was as much transparency, timeliness and integrity as we could bring to the situation.  I can honestly say that the club collectively, and me personally, did what we thought was both responsible and accountable.  

Lastly, regarding recent news about Mr. Lynch’s situation, I can only confirm that when Mr. Lynch’s term contract term ended with us, and because of the evolving situation with COVID 19, we decided not to pursue his contract.  He was subsequently hired by the Fort Frances Lakers, and I can only assume that club undertook the same level of diligence in hiring him that we had originally done, and that they also found nothing in his professional background precluding him from a coaching position.  For the sake of the club and for everyone involved I welcome any constructive, balanced and fact-based conversation about the past, and more importantly, our continued success for the future.

Axel Axmann