It takes a village...

Missing: Peter Axmann, Amanda Palkun and Gordon Andrews    

There's an old African Proverb that says "It takes a village to raise a child".

Well, the same could be said about the Edson Aeros. It takes a community to run a hockey team.

As we near the end of the regular season, we would be remiss if we didn't take a few moments to acknowledge some folks that work behind the scenes of the Edson Aeros. Without the help of these dedicated people, we would not be able to put this amazing team on the ice. So, for this, we would like to acknowledge the following wonderful, amazing, great, stupendous and as my friend, Ron Rimer would say, "Tremaculous" individuals. 

First and foremost, Coach Bernie Lynch. Without you, we wouldn't be where we are today. Thank you for all you've done for the Aeros.

Assistant Coach, Taylor McCallum - your passion and desire do not go unnoticed. Anybody who stays up til 3:00AM watching games....I'm not sure if you're dedicated or crazy. But thank you for all you do. 

Assistant Coach/AGM, Peter Axmann - between work, school, and life, you've always stepped up to help out whenever your scheduled allowed. Thank you.

Trainer/Equipment Coordinator - Amanda Palkun. Thanks for your tireless efforts and being a team "mom" for these 26 athletes. Your efforts are appreciated in keeping the guys safe and without injury. 

Driver - Neil Poulsen - Thank you, Sir for making sure we get the players to each and every away game safe and sound. Your knowledge and expertise is second to none. Thank you for your tireless effort!

Kirk Gilks - Team Advisor. Thank you for your insights, assistance and being a great listening post and the voice of reason. Sometimes its hard to see the forest for the trees. You, Sir, help with that. Thank you!

Russ Keating - Biggest hockey fan EVER!!! Always willing to lend a hand whereever needed and one of our biggest supporters. Thanks for always being there, Russ!!  Favourite number, Russ? oh ya, the winning one! :)

Chantal Bailer - Billet Coordinator - OMG!!! What would we do without you?!! Tireless effort in finding such awesome billet families for our athletes. Totally knocked it out of the park,! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Keaton Tabbert - Technical Coordinator - WOW!! you, young man, never cease to amaze me with your abilities in putting together outstanding videos, great music and an excellent play by play announcer on Black Dog Hockey. You are never allowed to leave, even if TSN calls....Just so we're clear!

Stick Boys - Jay Gilham and Reid Kuilboer - Thank for scooping pucks, grabbing sticks and being all round awesome young men! Thank you for helping the Aeros. 

Ron Rimer - Announcer and Marketing - The man, the myth, the Legend that is Rimer!!! Thank you so very much for calling our games and getting the word out about the Aeros. Thank you, so much!

Mike Zimmerman - Medic - Thank you, Mike for making sure the players on both teams are taken care of during the game. 

Abby Proskow - Game Videographer - Black Dog Hockey, Great stuff, "Lexa"! Watch those zoom-ins! You keep getting better each game. 

Kathlyn Redlick - Photographer - You have an amazing eye for detail You are going to do great things in your life. We appreciate all the awesome pictures you take. Thank you so very much!!

Michelle DePee - Social Media - Thank you for taking on this challenging role. You are much better at it than I. Great game day stories, wonderful Instagram stories and videos and Snap chatting a bunch. Protocol, Protocol, Protocol!Now if only I could get you to do Twitter ;)

Laura Huitema, Liz Pilon, Doreen Acorn  - Score and Time Keeping! Hows that new game management system working?? ;) Thanks for all you do in the box. It's a tough job and you ladies do it very well. 

Donna Anderson, Tara Williams, Trish Schierbeck - Our Merchandise Sales team. Thanks for helping out with this and being so great with our fans. Always really appreciate your help. Thank you!

Nikki Gilks, Diane Williams, Cathy Keating, Jane Bowes-Poulson, Emilie McCallum-Franz, Shelly Robinson, Karen Wilhelm, Jessy Forsey, Kandis Gilks - Keeping thirsty fans filled and entertained. Thank you for being such awesome servers to the fans. By the way, is it cold by the door?? 

Danyka Robinson, Cheryl Kochan - Ticketing/Door Sales - The front line team! thanks for all the work and effort you put in especially when we had issues with the ticketing machine. The best anyone could ask for.  Thank you very much!

Rene Beck, Dale Beck, Dana Beck, Janice Gauchier, Michelle Findlay, Candy Lenz - The dream team that works almost anywhere we needed them. Thanks for being versatile and helping out where needed!

Hayden Roth, Paron Germann, Marissa Richard, Kaleb L'Hirondelle, Casey Stadneck, Jersey Flett -  Anthem Singers. Edson's got talent!! thank you very much for all of your efforts. You guys are amazing. 

Our Security Volunteers/50-50. Thank you for helping out each and every game. Always smiling and willing to help out wherever needed. Its a pleasure to be able to allow organizations to come into the games and fund some great programs here in the community. 

Les and Corrie Halliwell - HoH Engraving. To my dear friend. thank you for what you have done to support the Aeros. The dressing room looks amazing with your special touch. And the "reserved seating bleachers" are awesome. Thank you very much for doing that!

Lorna Halliwell and Darrin Martel - thank you for your wonderful support and inspiration. You have been such a huge help to us, we can't thank you enough. 

Here is another OMG!! Brandy and Ian Nykyfork! Words cannot convey our gratitude and we will forever be indebted to you. Thank you for the care and attention that you have shown the Aeros! Wall of Fame stuff! thank you so very much! Brandy, you got this!! :)

Colemans Grandpa! A big shout out to you, Sir. Thank you for the awesome build!

Wilson's Skate Sharpening - Thank you to Kevin and Colleen for helping out the Aeros with their sharpening needs. Gotta have good edges, right? thanks very much.

Team photos - Thanks to Sean Simmons for taking the Group, Team and individual player photos. Sean is extremely talented and we cant thank you enough for the great pics.

Dany Kuzmic, Rose Cesario and the team at Repsol Place. Truly without you, there would be no games. Thank you for going above and beyond and helping us minimize mistakes. And we all know who really runs the place, right Dany?? ;)

And to the Town of Edson, thank you for supporting the Aeros and making the players from around the country and world feel at home. We thank you!!

And for those we missed, we truly apologize. It was not intentional. Thank you for helping us out!